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Our latest book, and also the most personal from my perspective, is about my approach to the making of still life. The pochoir illustrations are variations on still lifes that I have done over the years and that I consider to be important to me as an artist.

Walter Bachinski and Janis Butler are pleased to announce the publication of STILL LIFE in March of 2019. The title reflects Bachinski’s interest in the genre of still life and the text is written as a personal reflection on the importance of this art form. Bachinski begins by outlining his development as an art student in Toronto in the early 1960’s and it becomes evident that still life painting was not valued by his teachers or the general artistic community. His passion for still life did not evolve until he had spent a year in France in the late 1970’s. Subsequently, for the next 25 years, the exploration of the genre of still life painting counted for more than half his output. Bachinski then explains his debt to some of the great still life artists of the past such as Chardin, Cezanne, Redon, Braque and Matisse and why artistically he finds the tradition so rich. He concludes by outlining his own studio practice and how he approaches the development of a still life composition.

This is a richly illustrated book. There are 5 pochoirs, reflecting a variety of approaches taken to
still life by Bachinski over the years. Derived from large, existing paintings, these are by far the most complex pochoirs he has done to date. There are also 7 colour reduction lino cuts. 5 are paired with quotations about, or statements by, the artists who have affected the development of Bachinski’s work. The title page and colophon also have linocut images. In contrast to all the vibrant colour, the text is also interspersed with 5 black and white woodcuts.

The page size is 14 7/8 by 10 inches (37.7 X 25.4 cm.) and there are 60 pages including blanks.
The type is hand-set Deepdene, printed on 200 gsm Arches Cover. The lino cuts and pochoirs are printed on the same paper. The woodcuts are printed on Fudagami Oguni (large). The book was jointly conceived by Butler and Bachinski. The printing of the text and colour lino cuts were done on a Vandercook Universal 1 by Butler with Bachinski assisting. The woodcuts were printed by Bachinski on Washington Iron Hand Press. Butler is the binder.

We have printed 30 copies for sale and the price is $3,000.00 USD.

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Colour Reduction Lino Cut
Colour Reduction Lino Cut Colour Reduction Lino Cut

Colour Reduction Lino Cut Colour Reduction Lino Cut Colour Reduction Lino Cut

Colour Reduction Lino Cut


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